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Jan 4, 2013 11:00am PST
on every single wall it would've been a little like the jolly green giant's house. we had some inspiration pieces that jae already owned. this print right over here on the wall to really captured all the colors that she liked, so we just made sure and kind of coordinated everything with that. i found this fantastic rug at cb2 and i love running with a theme, jae is a dietitian and a nutritionist and i don't know if you can tell but it's very abstract pomegranate and it also had the colors that we liked. i in fact pulled the colors for our accent wall from the rug. i found this painting over here at z gallery. it's got the green, it's got the orange, it's also got these beautiful cobalts, cherry red, and turquoise and it really help me open up the room for a lot of other different colors and we pulled those colors together with a lot of our accent pieces like the pillars. my eat sign came out great. i love it. i'd like to have it for myself. its got that nice vintage feel because a lot of pieces in this room are super modern and that's a great look too but for balance i like bri
Jan 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
green. other things that took place that the mayor mentioned the bluegrass and castro street parade and a finer and giants game and lead to the playoffs and all happened on the same day so when we go we definitely go big. after those activities we had the annual shake out drill, one of the largest demonstrations of the public what their responsibilities are to be ready and we rolled into the playoffs and the world series and admiral you will be happy to know this facility is used on a regular basis and get the departments together and communicate and collaborate and make sure we're prepared of the future. >> you're kind and you keep my informed. you have to cut me off some time but right now i'm still getting it. >> good, good. >> thank you very much. next on your agenda we are going to have a brief powerpoint from our city administrator, naomi kelly, who will update us on the life line council. >> good afternoon everyone. i have a hard act to follow, admiral. that was wonderful listen to your stories and dejan and anne and great work and i wanted to update everyone on the life line
FOX Business
Jan 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
. at end of the day accounts for a lot. watching skye fall on a green this big or i don't care who you are, watching giant experienced films on screens that big is not the same as being in a theater having that experience. it is something very unique and special. that is what has fwrif driven to these movie companies with larger events. watch "driving miss daisy" or "rain man" or any of the small independent films today populate the business but the big, money makers and big global franchises are best viewed in imax, 3-d, 2-d on giant screens, communal experience. that has kept audience attendance growing first time continues 2002 and that made revenue so robust. that tells you what next year will be too. david: "rain man" was one of mr. guber's production. i saw sky fall on imax. talk about sequels, i loved "the hunger games." of course that will be a sequel. i think it is come out in 2013. you have done films made into sequels like "batman", for example. while you are making "batman" did you think it would be made into sequel? you thinking ahead into the sequel? >> hey, you inves
Jan 4, 2013 7:00am PST
vikingngses tomorrow night, the 49ers will -- vikingses tomorrow night, the 49ers will play green bay. whatever team they face, you will see next saturday's game right here on ktvu channel 2. >>> 7:20. san francisco giants' pitcher sergio romo has been issued a summons to appear in a las vegas courtroom, this after he was detained at the airport on new year's day. the tsa says romo could not provide the proper i.d. at a security department. they say he became -- checkpoint. they say he became upset and it's not known exactly when he's due in court. the giants released a statement last night from romo. it says that he would like to apologize for the recent events at the las vegas airport. i love the giants, my teammates and my fans and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants' way. >>> a new survey shows americans are split over how the government should handle the nation's obesity epidemic. americans blame cheap fast food and too much time in front of the television. a third of the respondents believe the government should be deeply involved. others say they
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4